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Micro Needling

Microneedling is a process that involves using needles to puncture hundreds of tiny holes in the skin (yes, seriously). Microneedling, also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), involves using a tool called a dermapen or a simple dermaroller with tiny needles at the end that make little holes or needle pricks in the top layers of skin.

The purpose of this procedure is twofold:

The little holes from the needles create “micro channels” that allow skincare products, such as potent serums, to penetrate and absorb into the deeper layers of skin to deliver more powerful results.

These tiny pinpricks act as a bunch of mini injuries which kick skin into healing mode and stimulates collagen and elastin production. This process plumps skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and pores.

The whole process takes around 20-30 minutes and, while it involves needles in your face (a thought that would normally elicit a full body shudder), the process is apparently pretty painless.

You can expect some redness for up to a couple days afterward as a result of all the skin stimulation, but it subsides quickly as the healing begins and the results of more glowing, supple skin start to show.

To get truly effective results, you’ll need 5-6 treatment to continually build younger skin.

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